Thank you for a beautiful 2023, our first year in business!


Hello! I'm Selina, the Founder and Formulator of Green Bean.
Like most people, I truly care about what I put onto my skin, but time after time I found myself struggling to read and understand very complex ingredient lists and descriptions. Fueled by a desire to understand the complicated products that we invest in and trust to put onto our largest organ, I enrolled in an accredited skincare formulation school and became a certified skincare formulator. Soon after that, Green Bean was born. 

It is my endeavor to create high quality, natural skincare products formulated with performance ingredients that truly nourish and beautify the skin - engendering confidence. I am currently undertaking accredited CPD training to stay up to date with Cosmetic Standards and to uphold my commitment to offer you my very best.

Green Bean products are designed meticulously, with considerable care through intelligent formulation. Our products are crafted with performance ingredients used at effective levels for discernible skincare results. Handmade in small batches, we ensure top quality and freshness.

I believe that skincare is a form of self-care and that your skin is an investment, not an expense. Green Bean delivers skincare that is simple enough to understand, and yet powerfully effective - packed with ingredients found in nature. For skincare that you can understand, value, and trust.