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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Perfect go to combo !

Finally the perfect combo for my dry skin ! . The moisturizer doesn’t take long to absorb and leaves my skin smooth and glowing. No oily appearance or residue whatsoever AND it almost has no scent which is a huge plus .

Howell Tiller
Great gift!

I gave the full facial treatment (wash, exfoliate, moisturizer) to my sister and by all teports she loves it! Thank you!.

10 Stars! Love this kit

I am obsessed with this product kit. I love the cleanser, and the moisturizer is AMAZING- I use it on my scars too and it works miracles. Highly recommend.

The Best.

When it comes to my face, I am very particular. I don’t wear makeup up mostly because I care about my skin and what I put on it so I save the makeup for special occasions (plus I love the look of natural skin). I have tried many of products in the past for taking care of my facial needs and most of the time they are either too oily, too expensive, not moisturizing enough, and so on. As a mother I value my money and make sure whatever I do invest in is worth it, priced well, and is made with great ingredients.

Green Bean is all of that and more.

I waited to write a review because I wanted to truly test out the products for a time to make sure I have an honest review and let me say Selina, owner of Green Bean, did NOT disappoint.
Her Rose Facial Cleanser is on point! It leaves my skin feeling so good after I wash it; clean but at the same time NOT DRY which is what a lot of cleansers normally do to my skin because I fall in the sensitive category. Now let’s talk about that Glow Serum. I love it, absolutely love it. I put it on right after I cleanse and I just feel the tightness and the glow it gives, which leaves me feeling so beautiful. Now my favorite… THE ROSE MOISTURIZER. It is an absolute must. I am in love with it because when I put it on my face, it has the perfect weight. My skin feels so soft all throughout the day! It’s not oily and you only need to use it once in the morning and you’re good until the next day… AND again not greasy or oily! The product is so moisturizing you only need to use a little so it goes a long way.
I finish my face skin regiment with the Fresh Rose Mist and I feel like a new woman. I also use the toner for my face and neck and that always makes me feel clean and refreshed if I need a pick me up!

I adore her products and grateful that they are affordable for us moms and made with quality, trustworthy ingredients. I will be trying the Lavender Hydrating Mist, Lemon Turmeric Brightening Cleanser, Watermelon Berry Dewy Fruit Plump Serum and her face masks next and I can’t wait to see how those feel on my skin!
I already get so many compliments on how my skin is glowing and I have to give credit to Green Bean Shop!!! I will soon be having a little one and I made sure to add all my Green Bean Products to my hospital to go bag so I can feel refreshed and beautiful after giving birth. I can’t recommend Green Bean enough!!!!! You won’t regret ANY purchase you make. Oh and be sure to get that facial scrubber, it’s heaven on your face.

Keirra Walthour
Must buy & a must have !

I am on my second week using this product. I must say that I am truly impressed with it. My skin is oily combination but I will say I do not struggle with pimples that often. I normally get small whiteheads here and there. While using this product I got 2 and within two washes ( morning and night) the next morning they were gone. My favorite product is the moisturizer I love the way it feels and it’s very lightweight and comfortable. It doesn’t get greasy during the day either.